Your complete marketing on-demand solution. Request a live demo. Your complete marketing on-demand solution. Request a live demo. Centiv Services earns position of 1716 on Inc. Magazine's 2011 Inc. 5000 annual ranking of America's fastest-growing private companies. Transforming its supply chain froma  push system to a 'sell then make' model pays big dividends for Nestle Water. A major wine supplier improves speed to market tenfold with Centiv's coupon application. Red Bull saves big bucks promoting Shaun White harnessing Centiv technology.
Centiv is the only technology company to offer an integrated marketing automation solution that enables companies with distributed marketing channels to design and produce localized cross-media marketing campaigns that are strictly managed within brand and legal standards. We call it Marketing on Demand. In fact, our advanced technology is winning acclaim from Fortune 1000 companies across a host of industries as the new platform. We'll help you take localization, efficiency, and brand control to new heights, while keeping expenses and administrative burdens lower than ever.

Brand Control - Centiv delivers consistent branding and messaging regardless of where the campaign is executed, or who is managing it locally. With our marketing-on-demand solution, companies can protect their brands while enabling localization at the field-level that helps drive volume at retail.
Cost Savings - Spend less, execute more. That's productivity. With Centiv, companies are significantly reducing waste and repurposing those dollars with more relevant local messages that drive sales. Add to that the reduction in administrative burden to support these programs, and you start saving big dollars.
Speed to Market - With custom, localized marketing that includes downloadable ads, direct mail campaigns, sales collateral, and in-store signage ready to ship in 48 hours, Centiv helps you beat your competitors to market with the best products, services, and marketing messages that resonate locally.
Integration - Centiv's web customization solutions and production facilities were developed in tandem to create a seamless and efficient supply chain for delivering high quality, localized cross-media campaigns quickly and transparently, while capturing the data that helps improve processes.